Why Use Fast Track Global Advisors

Immigration by Investment

Using the Immigrant Investor Visa Program – EB-5, Fast Track Global Advisors atests to deliver foreign individuals and their families a successful path to immigration to the US, via safe investing.


The EB-5 Visa Program

We strive to achieve success. Fast Track Global Advisors defines ultimate success as facilitating clients’ ability to immigrate and remain in the U.S. as permanent, legal residents – Green Card holders. Our process combines and maximizes the benefits of both the EB-5 loan and equity models.

The Steps To The Fast Track Global Advisor EB-5 Visa Program


So that here are no surprises, no missed steps, we’ve outlined here the Fast Track 10-step reference checklist to provide every one of Fast Track Global Advisors client's a simple to understand guide to the important milestones of the program. Fast Track Global Advisors also provides clients an easily accessed portal to view real time, the status and progress of their investment projects.



While other companies boast of forecasted return on investment, here at Fast Track Global Advisors we define and focus on Return Of Investment as being intrinsically linked to our clients’ successful immigration to the U.S.  Because, what good is a return on investment if you don't get your investment back?

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Our Investment Projects

Key to our process and our clients’ ultimate immigration success are our “Real Estate Secured” investment projects. By their very nature these projects are supported by the value of the property in question which is at the center of the project's viability.  This helps clear the so called “removal of conditions” – the final and most difficult hurdle in the EB-5 Program process.